AQUALITE™ by Aquathin® is the culmination of state of the art features, including auto flush making it the market leader in “no hassle” subsink systems.

Aquathin® has always been the leader in the industry with respect to technology – AQUALITE ™ is light years ahead.

The patented IQ-EMP Intelligent Selectronic Memory Panel offers full system self-diagnostics at a single glance.

Incorporates pre- and post- carbon filters.

Like all Aquathin® Subsink systems, AQUALITE’s™ Patented Reverse Osmosis & Deionization Process and compact design provides water that is free of salts, nitrates, heavy metals, chemical pollutants, pesticides and disease-causing, waterborne micro-organisms.

Produces up to 68 litres per day. With optional PBA Pump, produces up to 120 litres per day.

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